This March your MSPs will debate Scotland's new Climate Bill

There will be a full debate on the Climate Bill at Holyrood in late February or early March 2019 and its crucial that MSPs are encouraged to take part. That’s why between now and then would be a good time to visit your constituency MSP, and any of your regional ones, to ask them to take part in that debate and to press them to call for ambitious action to cut climate change emissions.

We know from past experience that MSPs listen to their local constituents – and the more of us that visit them the more they will have to listen.

We’ve put together some information at the bottom of this page to help with your visit. Let us know if you want to meet your MSPs and we’ll get back to you with more resources.

A guide to organising a meeting and tips to help prepare

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A briefing on our priorities for the Climate Change Bill

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A briefing to give to MSPs at the end of your meeting

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