The next UN climate talks, COP26, will be held in Glasgow from 1-12 November 2021.

We have identified this a key opportunity to work towards, using COP26 as a moment to build and diversify the climate movement in Scotland and as a lever to deliver on our policy aims. Where appropriate, we will use positive examples of climate action in Scotland to encourage other countries to commit to greater ambition. 

Civil society, activists and campaigners from around the world will be in Glasgow and we want to offer a warm welcome and provide practical support. In our work creating the civil society hub and the accommodations and hosting for COP26, SCCS is working in collaboration with the COP26 Coalition.


Read our member’s answers to COP frequently asked questions


For information on the events and activities in the run-up to and during COP26 visit the Climate Fringe.

The table below outlines our objectives for COP26 and how we are aiming to achieve them:

Objective How we will achieve this

To build and diversify the climate movement in Scotland


Bringing new members from different areas of civil society into the coalition and create and support the development of the Climate Fringe website to draw together all the activities of the climate movement in Scotland into one place.



To use COP as a lever to deliver on policy and advocacy aims in Scotland



Developing policies we want to see the Scottish and UK Governments put in place ahead of COP and lobbying on these


To offer a welcome to global civil society, with practical support, a civil society hub, and to create sense of place



Create a physical hub at COP26 for civil society with facilities for working, meeting, creating, networking and relaxing. Create a system of home-stays and accommodation for global civil society when they come to COP. Using the Climate Fringe website to ensure that information and resources and disseminated


To harness the Scottish example, where relevant, to lever more global ambition



Using Scotland’s 2030 target as an example to encourage other countries to set ambitious pledges on climate action ahead of COP


To support our members to effectively engage with COP



Producing resources, putting on events and webinars and sharing information on COP


To support civil society on international and UK advocacy



Building on our close links with UK and international networks to make the most of advocacy opportunities