Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time

Scotland’s emissions have reduced by 45% since 1990
If global temperatures rise more than this, catastrophic impacts are predicted
UK heatwave in summer 2018 was made thirty times as likely due to climate change

It's time to

We are a diverse coalition of over 40 civil society organisations in Scotland campaigning together on climate change.

We believe that the Scottish
Government should take bold action to
tackle climate change, with Scotland
delivering our fair share of action in
response to the Paris Agreement and
supporting climate justice around the

Latest News

Nitrogen research by Scottish Government is ‘welcome first step’ towards cutting pollution

The Scottish Government today announced new research to understand the environmental impacts from current methods of Scottish agriculture....

Apr 04, 2019

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Campaigners demand urgent action from politicians as clock is ticking to stop climate chaos

Climate campaigners staged a demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament today as MSPs inside debated a new law to tackle climate change....

Apr 02, 2019

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