Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is a diverse coalition of over 70 civil society organisations in Scotland campaigning together on climate change.

Our members include environment, faith and belief groups, international development organisations, trade and student unions and community groups.

We believe that the Scottish Government should take bold action to tackle climate change, with Scotland delivering our fair share of action to limit global temperature rises to 1.5 degrees, championing international climate justice and inspiring others to take action.

We come together as a coalition to lobby the government and to show public support for climate action through mobilising the supporters of our members.

Our Structure

We welcome applications for membership of our coalition from civil society organisations in Scotland, of any shape and size. The main requirement of membership is a commitment to climate justice.

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Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) operates through our working groups, which consist of people representing our member organisations – usually staff members or volunteers from those organisations. These working groups plan and deliver our campaign activities. We also have a small staff team, based in Edinburgh, who co-ordinate and manage the work of our coalition. For more information on becoming a member email

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The Board of SCCS is elected by the coalition membership and provides strategic direction for the coalition as well as overseeing organisational matters.

We have close links with The Climate Coalition in England and work with them on cross-border issues when appropriate. But Scotland faces many challenges relating to climate change that are quite different from England and Wales. Much that affects climate change emissions and adaptation is devolved from Westminster to Holyrood, for example housing, transport, energy and education. The cultural, educational, legal, social and geographical context is different and Scotland’s renewable energy potential is considerable.

As a registered charity we comply with all aspects of charity law. We are not party political and do not undertake illegal action in pursuance of our aims.

Our history

Our coalition came together in around 2007 to provide a strong civil society voice feeding into the development of the Scotland’s first ever law on climate change, the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009.

Since the 2009 and 2019 Climate Acts were passed, SCCS has campaigned for action to deliver against these commitments, and for Scotland to play its fair part in keeping temperature increases to below 1.5 degrees.

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Our funding

SCCS activities are coordinated by a small secretariat and funded through membership fees and donations. We occasionally seek external funding for specific activities, like for our work on COP26. These issues are all covered in our annual accounts.

Read our latest accounts (2022-23) in PDF format: