This Campaign has now finished

When it ran

2015 - 2016

What we did
  • Shared our ideas with Government civil servants who were drafting the plan.
  • Organised a Mass Climate Lobby at Holyrood –
  • Brought together Scottish political party leaders to commit to action
  • Encouraged people to contact their MSPs about the draft plan
What changed

Not enough! We believe this Climate Change Plan doesn’t deliver the detailed policies or the necessary ambition to drive a just transition to a zero carbon Scotland. The many suggestions for improvements from MSPs and several Parliamentary committees have been largely overlooked by Government. We believe MSPs should use the upcoming Climate Change Bill as an opportunity to fix the significant shortcomings in this Plan.

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Since the Scottish Climate Change Act was passed in 2009, Scottish Government have published three plans of how they will achieve emissions reduction targets.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland has actively engaged in the development of these plans, and has provided opportunity for people across Scotland to make their voices heard as these plans are agreed by MSPs at Holyrood.

We ran a range of campaigning activities to positively influence the current plan, including:

  • A Mass Climate Lobby at Holyrood – check out the photos from the event on our Flickr page!
  • Bringing Scottish political party leaders together to commit to action
  • Enabling people to contact their MSPs about the draft plan

    Scotland’s current Climate Change Plan was published in February 2018 after a period of Parliamentary scrutiny at Holyrood. Read more on what we think about that plan.