This Campaign has now finished

When it ran

2010 - 2014

What we did

Met with Scottish Government to illustrate the importance of funding for people living in countries affected by climate impacts like droughts and flooding.

What changed

The Scottish Climate Justice Fund was established in 2012.

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After a concerted effort by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, Scottish Government announced in 2012 that it was establishing a Climate Justice Fund.

The fund help people living in some of the world’s poorest countries affected by the changing climate, such as more frequent and severe droughts and floods. Rich countries like Scotland have benefited from developments since the industrial revolution and are responsible for the majority of global greenhouse gases emitted to date.

The Climate Justice Fund is an important example of a rich nation facing up to its historic responsibility for climate change and its substantial negative impact on many of the world’s poorest people.

Climate adaptation funding means that developed countries should provide funds to developing countries to support increased ability to adapt to the effects of climate change, and is a principle enshrined in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It has been agreed within the Convention to reflect the fact that developed countries have had a greater role historically in causing climate change.

You can read more about the Scottish Government’s Climate Justice Fund here (external website).