This Campaign has now finished

When it ran

January to March 2021

What we did

Over 1,500 people took part in an e-action calling for the Scottish Government to publish a Climate Change Plan update that includes the transformational changes needed to reduce emissions and put Scotland rapidly on course to a healthier, fairer, low carbon future. We delivered the messages we received to the Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform.

What changed

We demonstrated that many people across Scotland wanted the Climate Change Plan update to include more detail and stronger policy positions. However, the Scottish Government decided to go ahead with the plan in it’s original format and not take into account the views of SCCS and other stakeholders who had taken part in the consultation process. We will continue to push for the policies we want to see through other opportunities.

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About the ‘Time for Action: Climate Change Plan update’ campaign

With only nine years left to meet the 2030 target to reduce emissions by 75% it’s crucial that the Scottish Government’s Climate Change Plan update sets out and delivers the transformational changes needed to achieve these reductions and puts Scotland rapidly on course to a healthier, fairer, low carbon future. It’s Time for Action.

Ambitious action now will benefit communities across Scotland. By 2030, we could be living in a better-connected country with expanded public and active transport. We could have greener and healthier towns and cities, warmer and more energy efficient homes and clean energy that secures good, green jobs and a revitalised natural environment.

In 2021, Glasgow will host the COP26 UN climate summit, crucial to the prospects for an effective global response to the climate emergency. A Climate Change Plan update that delivers the transformative changes we need to cut emissions across all areas of life in Scotland and also champions climate justice at home and abroad will reinforce Scotland’s leadership on this issue at a critical juncture in world history.

People from across Scotland added their voices to our campaign to call for a plan that contains the ambition and action needed.

Read some of their personal messages and watch the video below:

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