Scotland has missed three out of the last four legal emissions reduction targets, and tackling the climate crisis requires urgent and sustained new investment – both to reduce emissions and enhance support for the most impacted communities. This funding must be delivered without diverting resources from other important priorities.

Investing in solutions to the climate crisis can, and must, also address the cost of living crisis – insulating homes, changing heating systems, building up renewable energy and phasing out fossil fuels – which will help people out of the current crisis and avoid similar crises in the future.


Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) has commissioned a report, “Financing Climate Justice: Fiscal measures for climate action in a time of crisis” to better understand how policymakers can use fiscal measures – anything where a flow of money is used to change behaviour or raise money to fund priorities – to help accelerate and fund Scotland’s climate ambitions.

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Building on the findings of the report, SCCS is calling on all levels of government to examine their current use of fiscal measures and look at how they might be better used to bring about greater change, and consider new methods of raising funds, in line with the polluter pays principle.


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