Climate disasters are increasing, costs are spiralling –  but those who did least to contribute to the climate crisis are the ones paying the price. This is a grave injustice. 

Tell the UK Government to support the creation of an International Loss and Damages Fund so that rich countries most responsible for climate change pay for the damage they’ve caused.


Climate campaigners in some of the world’s poorest countries have long been calling for money from rich countries to deal with the impacts of climate change they have to face. After all, they have contributed least to the climate crisis but are right now suffering its worst impacts. At last year’s UN climate summit in Glasgow global south countries agreed to prioritise cuts to carbon emissions on the back of promises that richer countries would finally set up a compensation process this year. But richer nations are not keeping their promises.

By paying into an international loss and damage fund, the countries and polluters who’ve done the most to cause the climate crisis could help people recover and rebuild when disasters strike and compensate them for all that is permanently lost. The problem is, no such fund exists – yet!

It’s time that governments across the world set up a fund to pay for the loss and damage caused by climate change:

  • This should be locally organised so those who are hit hardest can easily access it
  • The fund should pay for the rebuilding of homes flattened by hurricanes, washed away in floods or lost in wildfires
  • The fund should support those whose livelihoods have been lost
  • It should come from new sources of finance, not existing aid budgets 


Leaders must act now and get communities at the frontline of the climate crisis the help they need by delivering loss and damage finance.