Your suggestions for climate new year’s resolutions in 2024

We launched our new year’s climate resolutions campaign at the COP28 Global Day of Action on 9th December in Edinburgh, and have gathered hundreds of suggestions from people across Scotland for new year’s climate resolutions for party leaders to commit to.

Whilst you must have many messages urging you to take action on one issue or another and you may be pushed to act positively on all. This one is different - it affects your life and that of my and your families. Please do not ignore us, but as our leaders put the points made into reality.


We've listened to enough words, let's see some action before it's too late, act now for the sake of the planet and all our futures.


Please use your position in leadership of Scotland to really make a difference! Climate change is happening, and this world, like our bodies, is the only one we have. It is vital that we make radical changes now!! Not tomorrow!!


During this election year this is your chance to demonstrate real commitment to greener, fairer policies that are translated into change on the ground. Please, for the sake of our planet’s future and for those most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, act now!