Climate campaigners issue rallying call to concerned citizens

  • 12 Dec 2015
  • General News, International

Campaigners have called on people in Scotland to continue to raise their voice for climate action, following a new global deal on climate change at the UN talks in Paris.

Members of the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland coalition attended the COP21 conference as official observers throughout the two weeks of negotiations.

Tom Ballantine, chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, said: “Before the Paris talks, many hundreds of thousands of people around the world came together to demand urgent climate action and to highlight the positive changes that communities are already taking to reduce carbon emissions. The deal in Paris shows that politicians are plodding behind that popular global movement.

“Despite the failure to reach a strong, ambitious deal in Paris, we can take hope from the fact that change is happening. Global investment in renewable energy surged last year and Scotland’s record on renewables shows that we can move towards a new, green economy, with benefits for all.  Communities across the world are coming together to create green transport systems and adopting low carbon lifestyles.

“What matters now is how countries take action to deliver on the climate promises they have made in Paris.  Words must be followed by action.

“Here in Scotland, our focus now moves away from Paris and back to our own national governments. We must continue to hold politicians to account for their carbon promises, both in Holyrood and in Westminster. Stop Climate Chaos calls on concerned citizens in Scotland to join with others across the world to continue to raise their voices.

“The Scottish Parliament elections offer political parties the chance to show how they will invest in new a low carbon Scotland. We need warm, energy efficient homes. We need a meaningful shift away from investment in private cars, and towards investment in public transport and active travel like walking and cycling. And we need the Scottish Parliament to use its new tax powers to help cut climate emissions, especially when it comes to Air Passenger Duty.

“The Paris talks are over. But in communities in Scotland and around the world, the fight for climate action continues. Stop Climate Chaos Scotland will be proud to play our part.”