The Final Push


Tue 24 Sep - Wed 25 Sep    
All Day

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After months and years of campaigning on Scotland’s new climate bill, we now have the final date. MSPs in the Scottish Parliament will pass the law on Wednesday 25th September. That means we have just days left to improve Scotland’s climate targets.

The week of the debate we have planned a series of events and actions to ask MSPs to deliver a Cliamte Act fit for a Climate Emergency.

IPCC Report Reading:

In the run up to the final vote, we’ll be outside the Scottish Parliament reading key sections of the IPCC ‘Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5ºC’ and reminding politicians of the need to act on the climate emergency and what is at stake.

We’ll be there Tuesday 24th 1-6pm and  on Wednesday 25th 830am-130pm.

Morning Action:

On the morning of the debate on 25th we’ll be at the doors of the Parliament with our Climate Emergency mobilisation reminding MSPs what is at stake. We are inviting anyone to join us there with banners and visuals referencing emergency.

Lunchtime Mobilization:

If you can only make it for a short time, we are inviting as many as possible to be there for 1230pm-1330pm on Wednesday 25th to make our voices heard to politicians directly  ahead of the debate.

Join us to Watch the Debate:

Some of us will be in the chamber but if you haven’t got a ticket, or you prefer more relaxed atmosphere, join us upstairs at Hemma for a Live Streaming of the debate 2-5:30pm 25th

Join us to Celebrate all the hard work!

After months and years of work on this bill, let’s take some time to celebrate the hard work with a bit of socialising afterwards from 5:30pm