Nitrogen research by Scottish Government is ‘welcome first step’ towards cutting pollution

  • 04 Apr 2019
  • General News, Act for Our Future, Farming

The Scottish Government today announced new research to understand the environmental impacts from current methods of Scottish agriculture. Climate campaigners have welcomed the news as a ‘welcome first step’ towards setting targets to improve efficiency of fertiliser use.

Jim Densham, Senior Land Use Policy Officer at RSPB Scotland, who are a member of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, commented,

“Nitrogen fertiliser is a major source of climate emissions from agriculture, so we welcome the Scottish Government’s announcement today of research to better understand how to reduce the climate impacts of food production. This Nitrogen Balance Sheet or audit process is a welcome first step, Government must follow up by setting much needed targets by 2020 that will improve the efficiency of fertiliser use and cut harmful pollution and climate emissions.

“The research results should also help Government to develop ambitious and fair policies which encourage and support landowners to improve their farming methods in order to reduce emissions but also help their farm businesses, many of which are already feeling the impact of a changing climate.”

“YouGov polling recently showed that 70% of people in Scotland are supportive of more action on climate change, including changing how our food is produced. Hundreds of protesters converged on the Scottish Parliament this week to say that we are running out of time to halt climate change and to demand increased urgency of action. Farming must be part of the solution to cutting our emissions. ”