• 20 Jun 2023
  • General News

In response to today’s publication [1], by the Scottish Government of the latest data on greenhouse gas emissions, Mike Robinson, chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) said:

“Meeting the 2020 emissions target was a hollow success, the result of the impact of pandemic lockdowns. Now for 2021 we’ve seen a rebound in emissions despite continued pandemic effects.  Every missed target means more effort is required the following year, making it harder to meet our crucial goals.

“The impacts of climate change both here and abroad are devastating lives and livelihoods in countries which have contributed the least to it and continue to bear the cost for its worst effects. While Scotland has been rightly recognised for taking the important step of committing money to a loss and damage fund, this will all be in vain if we fail to rapidly bring down domestic emissions.

“We need to see bold new action to drive down emissions in the worst polluting sectors including transport, housing and agriculture in the forthcoming Climate Change Plan, with additional investment financed by making polluters pay.

“Cross party support in the Scottish Parliament committed to the 2030 and 2045 emissions targets.  Now they need to commit to the action and money necessary, or their legacy will be one of failure.”


Notes to Editors

[1] “Scottish Greenhouse Gas Statistics 2020” can be viewed here:

[2]  About Stop Climate Chaos Scotland

• (SCCS) is a diverse coalition of over 60 organisations campaigning together on climate change.

• We believe that the Scottish Government should take bold action to tackle climate change, with Scotland delivering our fair share of action in response to the Paris Agreement and supporting climate justice around the world.

• Our coalition members range from environment, faith and development organisations to trade and student unions and community groups.

• Our work is led by our members and is normally focussed on lobbying decision makers in Scotland, but we also work on UK-wide campaigns when appropriate with our sister organisations in England (The Climate Coalition) and Wales (Stop Climate Chaos Cymru).