Stop Climate Chaos Scotland response to greenhouse gas emissions’ data: Emissions targets met but greater action needed

  • 07 Jun 2022
  • Press Release

7th June 2022

In response to today’s publication, by the Scottish Government of the latest data on greenhouse gas emissions, Mike Robinson, chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) said:

“Despite showing a record yearly fall in emissions, these figures tell two stories. Measures brought in to protect public health during the COVID19 lockdowns undoubtedly played a part, with more people working from home and travel restricted. However, we also know that emissions will have rebounded as these temporary measures were eased. Crucially, we need the Scottish Government to treat climate change as the emergency it declared it to be back in 2019, securing long-term reductions to emissions, while delivering a green recovery. To achieve this, we need to see more ambitious action in all sectors, in particular transport, agriculture and housing.

“People are rightly worried about food and fuel costs and recovering from COVID19. With the cost of living crisis largely driven by fossil fuel prices, there are many reasons to deliver against climate targets. Climate action can reduce energy bills, whilst increasing energy security, and bringing wider benefits to health and wellbeing. Failure to act will lead to greater uncertainty. The Scottish Government needs to invest fully in delivering against targets short and long term and in a systemic way.

“Unless enhanced measures are taken to improve delivery, the post-covid rebound in emissions will ensure that we miss our targets for 2030 and 2045. That’s why we’re calling on the Scottish Government to seriously up its game.”