Here’s what will happen as the new Climate Change Bill goes through the Scottish Parliament, and key opportunities for you to get involved to improve Scotland’s action on climate change:

Autumn/ Winter 2018: Stage 1

Scottish Parliament and MSPs listen to views and take evidence on what is in the draft Bill. This is the chance for people to make their voices count about what is outlined in the bill and any changes to make it more ambitious.

Over 7,000 people in Scotland sent emails to their MSPs through our campaign action to ask them to support a stronger, more ambitious new climate law for Scotland.

We also supported over 100 people who wanted to meet with their MSPs in their area and were delighted to hear about over 20 meetings with MSPs which took place between January and March!

Spring 2019: Stage 2

Scottish Parliament and MSPs continue to take evidence and start to propose changes (known as amendments) to the Bill.


Summer 2019: Stage 3

Full chamber debate in Parliament, MSPs vote on the amended Bill.


Summer 2019: Royal Assent

The Bill becomes law!