Gaun Yersels the Scottish Youth Climate Strikers!!

  • 19 Sep 2019
  • General News

We’re with you today Scottish Youth Climate Strikers!

Our members will be out in force at the marches today, supporting the youth climate strikers.

These young strikers are bringing the voice of the future powerfully into the present day. They describe the stark reality of climate breakdown and what it means for the world’s future, their adulthood.

When these strikers my age, it will be 2050 and they will be feeling the full impact of what we do, or fail to do, now.

We are in a climate emergency, we have the biggest fight humankind has faced on our hands, and we need to start now. It will require all our energies, and demands action from governments and across society. We need to stop; listen to those who know, be honest about the seriousness of the situation, and act before it is too late. It should not require a children’s strike for that message to come home. As these children and young people are telling us, it’s time for the adults to step up.

In only six days Scottish politicians will have the opportunity to vote on the final stage of the Climate Change Bill.  We want them to vote through climate legislation that will show leadership to the world.   It’s our last chance to persuade them to do this so please, when you’re back from the marches,  phone your MSPs, tweet them or take part in our e-action to let them know we want them to make a Climate Bill fit for a Climate Emergency.

Kat Jones, Coalition Manager Stop Climate Chaos Scotland,  20 September 2019