Stop Climate Chaos welcomes move to support 75% reduction in emissions by 2030

  • 25 Sep 2019
  • Blog

This is the statement we put out at 1130am when the SNP announced that they would support the Labour amendment for a target of 75% reduction in emissions by 2030 in the Climate Bill which is being debated today:


Tom Ballantine chair of SCCS, said:


“We welcome this move from the Scottish Government to strengthen the 2030 target in the climate bill to 75%. Action taken within the next decade will make the crucial difference. Coupled with a strong net zero target for 2045, Scotland is sending signals that it is serious about tackling the climate emergency. 


“Stop Climate Chaos Scotland will continue to work with the Scottish Government and politicians to help drive policy action on emissions and ensure that Scotland delivers climate justice. In this moment we need to acknowledge the huge efforts of the youth led climate strikes and climate campaigners who have helped create momentum. 


“This afternoon, an even higher target of 80% will be debated, and Stop Climate Chaos continue to call for as much ambition as possible.