SCCS response to outcome of Scottish independence referendum

  • 19 Sep 2014
  • General News

Responding to the result of the Scottish independence referendum, Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland said:

“Much of the referendum debate reflected an encouraging desire to put justice and sustainability at the heart of our decision-making. Now that the result of the referendum is known, we will work to garner the enthusiasm and energy of the last few months and direct that towards shaping a country which puts these values at the heart of its plans for the future.

“One of the many ways in which Scotland can influence the wider world is through its action on climate change. We have some of the world’s most ambitious climate laws: we need to meet the targets we have set and share our experience with others.

“In the months that lie ahead, as our politicians negotiate the next steps for Scotland, we will work to represent the views of our members in ensuring that every opportunity is taken to create a cleaner, greener, more sustainable society. We want to see a Scotland which commits to meeting our environmental responsibilities, but which strives to be a leading example to the rest of the world.”