UN climate talks end in ‘disappointment’

  • 14 Dec 2014
  • General News, International

Disappointment is expressed at the lack of ambition and commitment in United Nations climate talks outcome.

Increased public pressure is required to maintain and build upon domestic emission reductions and to push Governments to secure an appropriate deal in Paris next year. Commenting on the conclusion of the UN climate talks in Lima, Sara Cowan on behalf of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland:

“We came into the talks with high hopes and momentum, but this seems to be have been entirely lost with little in the way of commitments that convince us that we have what we need to reach an ambitious and fair global agreement in Paris next year. After two weeks of meetings this is a major disappointment.

“Quite simply developed countries didn’t put enough on the table to win the trust of others and secure real commitment to increase ambition. There is not enough in the way of long-term commitments on finance, on effective action to reduce emissions, or to build resilience in those countries most vulnerable to climate change. The final agreement also failed to acknowledge the urgent need to peak and reduce emissions by the end of this decade.

“It is clear that significantly more effort and commitment will be needed. However, global leaders and negotiators cannot leave it all to happen in Paris. We need most of the outstanding issues resolved before we get there. That is why we need the public to keep pushing our governments every step of the way to Paris and beyond.

“The Lima talks were only ever expected to be a stepping stone towards agreeing an new global deal on climate change in Paris.  Likewise, the Paris negotiations next year, while extremely important, will not provide a single, simple solution to climate change.  Governments, business and individuals must all keep delivering on their responsibilities to reduce emissions.

“That is why we were pleased to see Scotland’s climate minister attend the Lima climate conference to highlight Scotland’s ambitious targets and action on climate justice. However, given the outcome in Lima, it is crucial that Scotland meets in its climate commitments, as it is only by delivering on those commitments can Scotland’s positive climate action story remain credible.”