Scots asked to ‘Show The Love’ for things we could lose to climate change

  • 13 Feb 2015
  • General News

Scots are being encouraged to take part in special events happening all across Scotland on 14th and 15th February to show how the things that they love will be affected by climate change.

Events are happening all over the country on Valentine’s weekend as part of the “Show the Love“ campaign, organised by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland. The campaign aims to help people consider the impact that climate change will have on their lives. Activities are also being organised in England and Wales by our sister organisations, The Climate Coalition and SCC Cymru. People will also be able to make, wear and share their own green hearts.

At a photo-opportunity on Thursday, volunteers were pictured with Edinburgh Castle behind them because historic buildings are predicted to be affected by climate change by wetter conditions and more frequent and extreme weather.

Gail Wilson, Campaigns Manager at Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, said:

“We want people to think about the things that they value most and how they are affected by climate change. Whether people are passionate about local wildlife, the food on their plates, or people in the developing world, climate change is already affecting all of these things.”

This year is a crucial year for tackling climate change with the United Nations climate conference taking place in Paris in December.  World leaders are expected to conclude negotiations for a new international deal that will limit dangerous climate change and address its impacts.

Gail Wilson continued: “We hope that the events and activities across the country will connect people with the issues around climate change and show how this is relevant to every single one of us.

“We are also encouraging people to tell the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, about things they love that are affected by climate change.  We have launched a special online and postcard action to allow them to do that.”