Share #OorFootprint on social media

  • 13 Apr 2021
  • General News
Highland loch with 'oorfootprint' graphic

We need to show that climate and nature matter at the Scottish Parliament election. We will vote for #OorFuture.

That’s why, from now until the election on 6 May, we are calling on everyone to share their own perspective on this, across social media.

We need you to share YOUR story. Join our campaign!

Show your footprint

Whether you love to tread your boots through Scotland’s natural forests, or wander along the cobbles of our historic towns and cities, or wade your wellies in the bogs and puddles, or feel grass or sand under your toes…

Let’s show our elected representatives how much we appreciate our natural surroundings, and that we care about the climate and nature crisis. Let’s use #OorFootprint to show that we are walking together to a new and better future.

Oorfootprint muddy shoes

Get creative and show us your perspective

Here’s how to get involved on social media, to show that you care about nature and the climate when it comes to this election:

  • Get creative: Take a photo, paint a picture, make a mould or write something on your shoes that represents your footprint.
  • Share your view: What could the newly elected Scottish Parliament do for nature and the climate? Whether you care about pollution or energy, nature or our Covid-19 recovery – we want to hear from you. Share what you think in the description by your post, or on a piece of paper in your photo or video.
  • Get tagging: Remember to use the hashtag #OorFuture and #OorFootprint. Tag candidates, parties – also your friends and family to challenge them to join in!

Why are we launching this campaign?

The #OorFuture campaign is a partnership between Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and a number of other organisations: World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Scottish Wildlife Trust, the Scottish Environment Link, the Scottish Food Coalition, the Woodland Trust Scotland and RSPB Scotland.

We are in the middle of a climate and nature emergency and we need to act. The world has seen that we can take strong and decisive action to protect our health and our future – all it takes is the determination and will of our leaders.

When Scotland votes this May, we need to choose candidates who understand – and are committed to taking urgent action to address the climate and nature crisis.

Find out more about what we want the next Scottish Government to do: read the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland manifesto for Holyrood 2021 (PDF, 109KB).