Press release: Climate Change Plan Update

  • 09 Mar 2021
  • General News, Press Release

Strong public support for determined action on climate change

People across Scotland are calling on the Scottish Government to publish an ambitious Climate Change Plan update that contains the urgent action needed to meet the targets it set in 2019. 

Ahead of a debate on the Climate Change Plan in Parliament today (Tuesday 9th March), Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) is handing over the thousands of signatures and personal messages it collected calling for determined action on climate change to Roseanna Cunningham, the Cabinet Secretary for Environment.

Tom Ballantine, chair of SCCS said:

 “With only 9 years left to meet the target to reduce emissions by 75 per cent by 2030, it is crucial that the Scottish Government listens to the public’s and MSPs requests for the plan to include more detail on how emissions will be reduced across all areas of life.

“As it stands, we have real concerns that the plan does not go far enough. By 2030 we could have greener and healthier towns and cities: warmer and more energy efficient homes: clean energy that secures good, green jobs; a revitalised natural environment in the sea and on the land: a better connected country with expanded public transport and more people walking and cycling. This plan must put us on the course to that healthier, fairer low carbon Scotland.

“We agree MSPs are right to call out the lack of mention of climate justice in the plan. The final update should include a recognition of the need to increase support to some of the world’s poorest communities who are currently suffering from the worst impacts of the climate emergency and who did the least to cause it.

“In the year that Scotland will host the UN climate talks COP26 in Glasgow, we must show we are a world leader on climate action and champion of climate justice, leading the way on reducing emissions across all sectors and protecting our land and seas.”

Laura from Glasgow who took part in the campaign said:

“It is clear that there are still commitments needed to achieve the emission reductions required in the next 9 years. Committing to building a circular economy and creating zero emission zones in cities are two areas which are crucial to help create accessible and safe green cities, while enabling people to live sustainably without barriers. Communities are being impacted by climate change now, and we need to act with urgency and boldness.”