The policies in this Climate Manifesto were gathered by Richard Dixon. Thanks are due for ideas and comments to Andrew Tomlinson, Andrew Weatherall, Andrew Williams, Anne Callaghan, Arina Russell, Ashley Mclean, Ben Wilson, Carolyn Burch, Charles Miller, Christopher Clannachan, Dave duFeu, Elizabeth Leighton, Emma Gardner, Fabrice Leveque, Fiona Montgomery, Gavin Thomson, Gillian Campbell, Gill Davies, Hazel MacIver, Helen Cheshire, Ian Smith, Jack Beadle, Jamie Livingstone, Jim Densham, Kate Lesenger, Katelynne Kirk, Kim Pratt, Kirstie Shirra, Kristopher Leask, Lewis Ryder-Jones, Louise Davies, Lyndsey Dodds, Mads Fischer-Moller, Maïna Coroller, Malachy Clarke, Martin Rhodes, Mary Church, Matt Lewis, Mike Robinson, Nushrat Chowdhury, Pete Ritchie, Phil Taylor, Philip Revell, Richard Ragget, Rosa Balliro, Ruth Talor, Sara Cowan, Dr Sophie Brett and Zoe Holliday.

Special thanks to Becky Kenton-Lake, Lloyd Austin and Mike Robinson for paying extra attention and for coordination, and to the members of the project steering group, and the participants in five specific sectoral discussions and the all-coalition meeting in June 2023.  Thanks to Alan Caldwell for planning and running the all-coalition meetings.

Thanks to the Ethnic Minority Environmental Network and the Scottish Women’s Budget Group for comments on racial justice and gender justice respectively, and for comments from the Glasgow Disability Alliance.

Version 1.0: September 2023

The contents of this document will be updated on a regular basis.