Chapter 9.2.1 Strategic approaches

Embrace a right to repair

Put into law the principle of a universal right to repair.

Scottish Govt
Local Authorities
UK Govt
Emissions reduction
Behaviour change

The following would support repair in Scotland:

  • circular design practices that promote ease of repair and discourage planned obsolescence
  • access to parts at a reasonable cost
  • access to repair information and how-to guides
  • access to independent repair systems
  • promotion of safe self-repair
  • •fiscal incentives for repair services and refurbished parts (including VAT).

Some of this could be done by the Scottish Government or local authorities, some of it only by the UK Government. The recent introduction of a Repairability Index in France224 is an excellent example of how consumers can be educated on repair and producers encouraged to make their products more repairable.

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Implemented on five categories of goods in January 2021,

Version 1.0: September 2023

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