Chapter 9.2.2 Resource targets and responsibilities

Set clear responsibilities for the circular economy

For Scotland to achieve a strong and ambitious circular economy many stakeholders need to work in collaboration to achieve system change. A new single entity with a statutory foundation should own circular economy strategy, targets and progress reporting.

UK Govt
Scottish Govt
Local Authorities
Behaviour change
Emissions reduction

In addition, this body should

  • own, oversee and report all circular economy related targets
  • oversee a circular economy action plan (as part of the existing climate action plan)
  • support collaboration between public, private and third sectors in delivering a more circular economy
  • provide strong investment funding required to deliver a circular economy
  • deliver strong national and local campaigns, including in formal education, to increase public awareness of the need to reduce consumption and increase reuse, repair, and recycling behaviours
  • An independent advisory group should be established and adequately funded, to support the work of this new agency with appropriate representatives from local authorities, private enterprise, community and third sector organisations and international perspectives.

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