Chapter 7.2.7 Aviation

Stop airport expansion

Stop any future airport expansions

Local Authorities
UK Govt
Scottish Govt
Emissions reduction
Behaviour change

The aviation industry is a significant source of pollution across the whole of the UK. Aviation emissions were consistently climbing pre-pandemic. We cannot allow airport expansions on which will increase demand and increase flight numbers. We should be working to limit demand and encourage users to use alternative forms of travel.

With so many airports trying to expand, urgent action is needed. Despite the claims of the airlines, aeroplane technology is developing too slowly to reduce emissions quickly enough.

Air travel cannot continue unabated and a managed approach to limiting expansion is the right thing to do to limit emissions. A managed approach to limiting air travel will also allow the UK and Scottish Governments to ensure the best possible outcome for aviation workers.

There is also significant local opposition to airport expansion plans across the UK.

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