Chapter 5.2.1 Fossil fuels

End support for overseas fossil fuel projects

End UK and international support for fossil fuels overseas.

UK Govt
Scottish Govt
Local Authorities
Emissions reduction
Behaviour change

Governments in the Global North and multilateral institutions should immediately cease all public support for fossil fuels globally (including the use of overseas aid budgets and export credits) and invest in renewable energy, especially where this gives energy access for the poorest.

In 2020 the UK Government announced that it would stop funding fossil fuel projects overseas.118 But there were loopholes in this plan for projects already in the pipeline. For instance, Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland has been challenging UK funding for a massive gas development in Mozambique.119

The next step would be for the UK Government to use its banking regulation powers to require UK‑based banks and financial institutions to phase out their investments in overseas fossil fuels.

For further information:


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