“Volunteering is a unique opportunity to bring climate justice to COP26.”

  • 05 Aug 2021
  • COP26, General News, Blog

One of SCCS’s volunteers, Bibigul Makazhanova, explains the value that she gets from volunteering.

Volunteers are a vital part of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS), and support many of our activities. Alongside the COP26 Coalition, we are currently looking for more volunteers to help with COP26 events and activities including setting up venues, welcoming, stewarding, tech support, and welfare.

Bibigul’s story

One of SCCS’s volunteers, Bibigul Makazhanova, a communications and design professional who is originally from Kazakhstan, explains the value that she gets from volunteering. Bibigul has been interested in sustainability and plastic recycling for a number of years. Since moving to Scotland, she’s volunteered for Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS), and has created some of the fantastic graphics that you can see on the Climate Fringe social media channels (see @ClimateFringe on Instagram). “Volunteering with SCCS adds another bright impression to my overall positive experience of staying in Scotland. I chose to volunteer with SCCS because I’m passionate about bringing awareness to climate change issues through art and creativity. “I’ve found that all SCCS initiatives are so incredibly reasonable and necessary. For example, Climate Fringe Week to support organisations and individuals across the Scottish climate movement. Another project, the COP26 Homestay Network, will provide a homestay for climate activists from all over the world to make their voice heard at COP26.”
Bibigul Makazhanova
Bibigul is excited about being part of the upcoming UN climate summit, COP26. “Volunteering for COP26 provides an opportunity to be at the heart of this remarkable event and I’m ready to contribute all my experience and skills to make the conference successful.” In addition, volunteering has enabled Bibigul to continue using and developing her skills in a different environment. “I came to Scotland from a different cultural background. Although I have significant work experience in visual communications and digital marketing, I’m always learning new things. I am glad to get this kind of experience, especially in a team with open-minded and bright people. The main lesson for me is ‘learning by doing’.” She would love to encourage other people to volunteer at COP26 this year: “I would like to highlight that volunteering with SCCS is a unique opportunity for all of us to bring climate justice to COP26 this November.”

Apply to volunteer this year

Applications are open for volunteers to support civil society events and activities taking place during 31st October – 14th November. A full induction and training is given to all volunteers. To find out more, and apply by 13 August, visit: climatefringe.org/cop26-volunteering.